Utility Locating Services FAQsUtility Locating Services FAQs


Who is MB1Call?

A team of qualified utility locators who work with public and private utilities to provide timely and accurate information that allow excavators to dig with confidence.

• Facilitate locates of publicly owned utilities
• Locate privately owned utilities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nunavut
• Interior locating
• Perform utility locates with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as well as standard pipe and cable locators

The benefits of using MB1Call.

One phone call is all you need and we take care of the rest. We have years of experience locating underground utilities and we know the hazards to watch for. MB1Call is a safe, thorough service you can trust.

We take the worry out of what is buried, so you can start your project safely and on-time.

Which utilities are located?

This depends on where the excavation is taking place.
MB1Call has an excellent understanding of what is buried in all areas of Manitoba. Utilities in Manitoba


How much notice is required for location services?

Though some utility companies require a least two days notice, it can actually take up to three weeks to have all underground locates complete during peak months such as May through September. The more complete and detailed your information is, the faster we can get utilities marked and you can start excavating.


How do I request this location service?

1. Submit your utility locate request by phone, fax or online:

     - Online Utility Locate Request

     - Fax 204-222-7177
       (Click this online utility locate form as a guide for the information required to process your request)

     - Call before you dig: 204-777-6590


2. We facilitate the necessary arrangements mark underground utilities.

3. Locates are valid for up to 10 days.

What are the hours of operation for MB1Call?

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday

How do I know if the ticket has been processed?

If you submit a web request you will receive a confirmation number once you submit the information online.
The MB1Call ticket confirmation number will be emailed to you once the ticket is processed by MB1Call.

If you do not receive an MB1Call ticket confirmation number via email, please contact MB1Call at info@mb1call.com

How much does this locate service cost?  

Ask for a quote.
We have fixed rates for preferred customers.

What if I need to make a change to my locate request?

Contact MB1Call at info@mb1call.com with your ticket number and new information.

Utility Locating Services FAQsUtility Locating Terms & Questions

Can you locate inside buildings?

MB1Call is equipped with technology and trained professionals to facilitate both interior and exterior location services.

How far away do I stay from marked utilities?

It depends on the buried utility. For example, the industry standard for an electrical line running to your home is 1 meter. For a larger line (often referred to as a “primary”) it is typically 3 meters. The bottom line is, ask your locator and read all of the information on the locate sheet.

What is a “soft dig”?

A “soft dig” is not digging with a mechanical device such as an excavator, screw anchor etc. Hydro-excavation or digging by hand are the most common methods of performing a soft dig.

Your locate sheet will indicate how far to stay from the buried utility and provide conditions such as “soft dig within a certain distance” if you must excavate close to the utility. The distance depends on the utility and what they have buried there.

What does “watch required” mean?

“Watch required” means that you must make arrangements for someone from that utility to be onsite while you excavate.

Note: In all cases, if you are unsure, always contact the utility for clarification prior to digging, excavating, drilling or exposing utilities.

Manitoba UtilitiesWhat can I expect from specific Manitoba utilities?

Please note the information pertaining to specific utilities was obtained from their websites.

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro checks for electrical and/or natural gas lines.
Between April 1 to October 31st a minimum one week notice is require for a locate service.ices:

  • • A locate form must be obtained prior to excavation, and specific instructions on the form must be followed.
  • • If work has not started within 10 days after the locate was completed, you must again notify us to re-mark the work area and provide an updated electric and/or natural gas facilities locate form.
  • • Contractors must ensure that everyone on the worksite is aware of the presence of all gas and electric facilities and ensure that the locate form is kept at the excavation site until the excavation and backfill are complete.
  • • The location markings must be maintained and kept visible by the person or contractor doing the excavation. Be careful that site operators do not remove the line location markings.

• In the event that Manitoba Hydro fibre optic cables are present contractors will be referred by the Manitoba Hydro Facilities Locator to the Manitoba Hydro communications department for more information.

Note: Manitoba Hydro only locates facilities that it owns and has no knowledge of or responsibility for privately-owned facilities. Electric conductors or gas pipes installed past the meter are owned privately by the property owner and, at times, are installed below ground before it enters the building. Outbuildings that are heated or have electrical power, wells, septic system pumps and hot tubs are other examples where privately-owned buried facilities may exist.


• Requests for buried cable locates should be made at least 5 working days prior to excavation.


  • • Shaw shall be notified two working days prior to excavations near Shaw facilities.
  • • Shaw facilities must be located to a distance of five metres in each direction from the centre line of each crossing along the cable axis.

City of Winnipeg Water & Sewer

City of Winnipeg website states that sewer and water lines from the street to your house are the home owners responsibility and will not come out to locate. They will only come out if you are working on public property such as a street.