Residential Utilities in Manitoba

MB1 Call is a privately owned utility locating company based in Winnipeg. (We charge for our services) Here are a few things you should know about utility locates here in Manitoba:

    1. There is no free One Call service in Manitoba that includes all buried utilities.

    2. Utility companies will only locate their property.
      For example: Hydro will locate from the pole to your house, but not from your house to the garage/shed/swimming pool etc.) If this is the case, you should engage a private utility locator such as ourselves to locate those utilities prior to excavating/digging.

    3. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to know which utilities are buried on your property.

If your locate request is for a residential property the process is fairly simple. You can call the individual utilities yourself. Typical residential utilities include Power, Gas, Telecom, Municipal sewer and water if applicable, and your local internet provider. They will all come out and locate their plant free of charge.

Alternatively you can engage us to facilitate the calls on your behalf for $50.00.