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PROTECT MARK: Protective varnish in aerosol

PROTECT MARK: Protective varnish in aerosol

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Protect Mark protects your chalk line or spray paint marking to ensure it remains visible for even longer.

It extends the duration of fluorescent marking thanks to a formulation that is resistant to both UV rays and mechanical aggression and wear.

PROTECT MARK characteristics

  • A particularly robust safety cap (a full aerosol dropped from a height of 1.50m will remain intact)
  • Can be used up to -15°C
  • Colourless when applied
  • Drying time: 5 to 10min

Safety cap

Composition of PROTECT MARK

  • Binder: acrylic resins and waxes
  • Pigments: mineral and organic, free from heavy metals
  • Solvents: complex blend free from chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds
  • Propellant: a specific blend of isobutane and propane

To apply:

  • Manually or using our purpose-designed application equipment (One-wheel applicator & gun handle)
  • BEFORE USE: shake vigorously head down
  • AFTER USE: purge head up

Health and Safety

  • No paint mist or drips during use
  • High pressure
  • Spray flammable
  • Not dangerous for environment, but there are more health risks to the user than some of the other Soppec products

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